The Many Faces of Love


FOREWORD: Many a story I’ve heard and read about Love these past few days, prior and post the widely-celebrated V-day. This is to express my take on the matter — sort of a rejoinder that love does not ONLY possess a romantic face but an array of faces to put on depending on the occasion. 

There are moments when we would like very much to help someone we love deeply and we just can’t seem to do a thing. Either circumstances prevent us from drawing closer or else the person has shut off to any gesture of solidarity and support.

So, all we have left is love. In those moments when everything is useless, we can still love – without expecting anything in return, any exchanges or thanks.If we can manage to act in this way, love begins to transform the world around us. An adage once said, “Time does not change men. Will power does not change men. Love changes men.”

Three days had passed since V-day. Some people truly made good use of the occasion to strengthen relationships, some to reconnect, some to break free and some to heal. Love has been many faces to many people. Love transforms, love heals. But at times love builds mortal traps and ends up destroying the person who has decided to surrender completely. What strange sentiment is this that deep down is the only reason for us to go on living and struggling and trying to make things better?

It would be foolish of me to try to define it because, like any other human being, all I can do is feel it. Thousands of books have been written about it, plays put on at the theater, films produced, poems scribbled, sculptures carved in wood or marble – and even so, all that the artist can convey is the idea of a feeling, not the feeling itself.

But I have learned that this feeling is present in the small things and manifests itself in the most insignificant of attitudes we take, so we must always have love in mind when we act or fail to act.

Picking up the phone and uttering that affectionate word we have been putting off. Opening the door and showing in someone who needs our help. Accepting a job. Leaving a job. Making that decision that we were putting off for later. Apologizing for a mistake we made that will not leave us in peace. Claiming a right that we have. Playing the music loud when your loved one is far away and lower the volume when he or she is nearby. Knowing how to say “yes” and “no” – because love involves all of man’s energies. Discovering a sport that can be practiced by two. Not following any set of rules and conditionalities, not even those listed in this paragraph – because love calls for creativity.

On the one hand, contradictions are what make love grow. Conflicts are what allow love to remain by our side. Life is too short for us to keep important words, for example, ‘I love you’, locked in our hearts. But do not always expect to hear the same words back. We love because we need to love. Otherwise, love loses all meaning and the sun ceases to shine.

And yet, even when Love does not appear, we remain open to its presence. Sometimes, when loneliness seems about to crush everything, the only way to resist is to keep on loving. Our great goal in life is to love. The rest is silence.

We need to love. Even when it leads us to the land where the lakes are made of tears; for tears speak for themselves. And when we feel that we have cried all we needed to cry, they still continue to flow. And just when we believe that our life is destined to be a long walk through the Valley of Sorrows, the tears suddenly vanish. Because we managed to keep our heart open, despite the pain. Because we realized that the person who left us did not take the sun with them or leave darkness in their place. They simply left, and with every farewell comes a hidden hope.

As it was always said, “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

And here is where, I, once again, leave Love to your bidding my dear friends.


Crazy, Stupid and Proud!



I’m seeing all bloody red all around me. Am I having a heart attack? Or, just instance of “hearts attack”? Hahaha. Forgive my cheesiness, this is embarrassing already! Valentine’s Day will be arriving soon and I’m seeing multitudes of red, heart-shaped cut-outs in various sizes posted on windows and walls or hanging on tree branches and ceilings almost everywhere I go. Annoying even to see once again that cute little boy who seem to have no intention other than to annihilate everyone within eyesight with his deadly bow and arrow! A primitive weapon of ancient warfare; so effective and always a frequent choice by pure-hearted barbarians due to its capacity to torture an opponent by having to hit your opponent at least 5-10 times in the body to make sure he’s dead; at least 2 if you’re aiming for the eyes! To think, how a cute little fellow, barely pass infancy, be allowed to carry such a deadly weapon! That is insanely crazy ultra ironic, isn’t it? (Forgive yet again the overlapping superlatives) Yes! And so is love.

Crazier even is this quote I chanced to read earlier today:

“One seeks to make the loved one entirely HAPPY, or, if that cannot be, entirely WRETCHEDJean de la Bruyere

Now, that is one of the wittiest ways of putting the ambivalence of the mysterious emotion called love. When you have found your true love in your partner, you will be the happiest person in the world, no doubt. But like every relationship on earth, there will be times that you want to detach your partner’s head from their body simply because you really want to do it. But that is how love works; hence the reason why it is mysterious. When you are in love sometimes you are inspired to do things that conflict with rationality. Going all the way to another city or country even, to surprise your loved one, even if money, distance and other things stand in the way, or giving up a high-paid white-collar job to just be able to spend more time to cuddle with your partner, these things may not be feasible in many ways economically or otherwise. But love is not a friend of reason. It is precisely this irrationality that makes love the most mysterious emotion and marvelous experience. At the end of the day it will get to you – you want to put a smile on her face with a trinket you thought will look nice on her, or you bought home his favorite board game and some beers just to see the look on his face. So here’s my advice, if you wanna go crazy, go crazy in love! Now, just in case you don’t yet have any subject to express your love to, go crazy in love still, with yourself!

Happy Heart’s Month! I love Cupid; one day I got tired avoiding his barrages of arrows and  eventually was hit (big time), and I’m crazy ever since!

How about you? Are you still running from Mr. Cutie Cupid? Tell you, his darn persistence is unequaled, he’ll get to you sooner or later. If I were you, better use your energy somewhere else worthwhile than running away from him! 😉 

If ever he’s not minding you at all, disarm him of his weapon and shoot him with it instead!


A Homeless Man’s Home

A homeless man with his dog

“Home”, a simple yet meaningful word, full of life and limitless interpretations of what an ideal or perfect place of residence consists of. One may ask, what makes a house a home? This question, however, cannot be answered simply, for there are countless perceptions of what having a home really means. A man and his dog may be homeless, with absolutely nothing at their disposal, yet still feel like they have a home. This man may work hard all day, searching, scrounging, and collecting supplies, yet despite his efforts, find nothing. The man, however, is not discouraged nor does he find himself feeling hopeless, because at the end of the day, he has a home to come back to. Any area on this planet is a home to him, as long as he has his best friend and his greatest supporter, his dog, right by his side. The man has never treated another human being with corruptive intentions, he has never committed a crime, and he has never complained about any situation he has ever faced, yet he lives a life most others would dread. Why is this? Why does this man feel at home when he lives without a house? A different man may live in an apartment, a house, or even a mansion, yet still feel like he has no home. This same man may live in a house full of luxury items, but at the end of the day, feel homeless. A man with almost nothing can live a better life than a man with almost everything. So what makes a house a home? Well it all depends on who the person is. You could give a man a house worth millions, and he’ll be disappointed. You could give another man a house worth hundreds and he’ll be thanking you for the rest of his life. The contents within the house do not matter, but who you share it with does. Family, friendship, and love can provide a home for anyone on this planet. Whether you are rich, poor, healthy, sick, black, white, old, or young these are necessary for having a home. No matter how nice your house is, you are not at home until you have something money can’t buy. It is unknown whether or not the homeless man and his dog will be successful in life, but despite whatever happens in the end, he has lived a content life, with a home he loved. Is the homeless man really homeless? In my eyes, this man has a home that most of us could only dream of.

(c) 2016

To:Whoever YOU are

Surfing the net, browsing on anything worth reading to  pass the time, I chance to read a very heartwarming letter from an unnamed person  written for an unknown friend about a one life-changing acquaintance. A number of write-ups were subsequently written refuting the  veracity of the letter. However, to me, true or not, or just a fictitious work  of  a hopeless romantic, this work is still amazing! Let alone the fact that the author has courageously expressed his deep insatiable longing and gratefulness to the one woman who saved and changed his life!

Sometimes, when it comes to LOVE, people become poets – hiding and sugarcoating their words into prose and measures so sweet to the heart, satisfying the hunger of emotions that no amount of plain and direct to the point words could satisfy.

True or not, this is a work written and perfected from the heart. You be the judge.

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