To:Whoever YOU are

Surfing the net, browsing on anything worth reading to  pass the time, I chance to read a very heartwarming letter from an unnamed person  written for an unknown friend about a one life-changing acquaintance. A number of write-ups were subsequently written refuting the  veracity of the letter. However, to me, true or not, or just a fictitious work  of  a hopeless romantic, this work is still amazing! Let alone the fact that the author has courageously expressed his deep insatiable longing and gratefulness to the one woman who saved and changed his life!

Sometimes, when it comes to LOVE, people become poets – hiding and sugarcoating their words into prose and measures so sweet to the heart, satisfying the hunger of emotions that no amount of plain and direct to the point words could satisfy.

True or not, this is a work written and perfected from the heart. You be the judge.

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