A Homeless Man’s Home

A homeless man with his dog

“Home”, a simple yet meaningful word, full of life and limitless interpretations of what an ideal or perfect place of residence consists of. One may ask, what makes a house a home? This question, however, cannot be answered simply, for there are countless perceptions of what having a home really means. A man and his dog may be homeless, with absolutely nothing at their disposal, yet still feel like they have a home. This man may work hard all day, searching, scrounging, and collecting supplies, yet despite his efforts, find nothing. The man, however, is not discouraged nor does he find himself feeling hopeless, because at the end of the day, he has a home to come back to. Any area on this planet is a home to him, as long as he has his best friend and his greatest supporter, his dog, right by his side. The man has never treated another human being with corruptive intentions, he has never committed a crime, and he has never complained about any situation he has ever faced, yet he lives a life most others would dread. Why is this? Why does this man feel at home when he lives without a house? A different man may live in an apartment, a house, or even a mansion, yet still feel like he has no home. This same man may live in a house full of luxury items, but at the end of the day, feel homeless. A man with almost nothing can live a better life than a man with almost everything. So what makes a house a home? Well it all depends on who the person is. You could give a man a house worth millions, and he’ll be disappointed. You could give another man a house worth hundreds and he’ll be thanking you for the rest of his life. The contents within the house do not matter, but who you share it with does. Family, friendship, and love can provide a home for anyone on this planet. Whether you are rich, poor, healthy, sick, black, white, old, or young these are necessary for having a home. No matter how nice your house is, you are not at home until you have something money can’t buy. It is unknown whether or not the homeless man and his dog will be successful in life, but despite whatever happens in the end, he has lived a content life, with a home he loved. Is the homeless man really homeless? In my eyes, this man has a home that most of us could only dream of.

(c) 2016 viewpointsofandrei.com

6 thoughts on “A Homeless Man’s Home

  1. Hey Andrei, great post. Important distinction between house and home. I agree that it is ultimately love, and by extension the people that comprise a household that make a home. I also feel this is an interesting topic because you can build off of it. What emotional homes do we live on a day to day basis, anger, stress, or gratitude and understanding? Blessings on you and your home! Keep up the great work.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and for the generous comment. Likewise for the tip about building on with the subject theme. I see it as an awesome idea! I’ll work on that these coming days 🙂

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