Today, I woke up with questions in mind.

Corona is something suggesting a crown. It entails power and dominion.

Seemingly, the Corona virus has risen again and is now causing a global health crisis. Now, its novel. And the world was taken by surprise.

Over the course of its continuously progressing reign, it has drastically overpowered systems and dramatically changed lives. In a blink of an eye, it quickly undermined the systems we instigated and maintained to keep us safe and secure and introduces uncertainty and fear in the minds and hearts of the people.

It’s so bizarre that such the tiniest of the tiny can exert such absolute power and dominion, leaving the brightest minds of the human race – in the field of medicine, leadership and politics – baffled and desperate to seek cure and solutions. It has now become a race against time as resources (both, people – medical practitioners and other frontliners – and the world’s financial status) becomes depleted as days go by.

I woke up today having these questions in mind:

1) How do you view this Corona virus global dominion? Is it tyrannic or democratic/unifying?

2) How is the crisis affecting you on the deeper personal level? (The effects of the widely imposed quarantine to you – are you having interpersonal growth or just gaining weight physically?)

I was just about to think of my answers today. And, may be, find enlightenment as I think about them outside of myself and my worries about surviving this crisis.

How about you? What are you’re thoughts about this Corona Virus Disease 19?


4 thoughts on “Today, I woke up with questions in mind.

  1. Hey there Andrei!! It is so nice to read you after such a long break 🙂

    Here in Montréal, everything is still closed, and we’ve spent a little more than a month at home. It’s weird, but I can’t say I’m having it the hard way. I compare my situation to people who don’t have a home to stay in, or the people that have to get out everyday to work, despite the danger… I hope you are safe and well too!


    1. Hi Cy! I’m happy to be back. Nice to hear from you too. How’s the Cove going?

      Same here in the Philippines, quarantine regulations are so strict. I am in public service and is expected to still go to work to deliver basic services to our folks. The thought of possibly contacting the virus is scary but witnessing the human spirit to combat and suppress an unseen “enemy” while caring for each other, especially the vulnerable ones, is inspiring and uplifting to the spirit. Our greatest asset now is each other and our greatest weapon is our faith in the Almighty, thru prayers.

      I hope you are safe and well too.

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      1. It is one weird war we are going through, but I hope it will bring us all together for once… Sad to think that it might have taken such a vicious disease to show us that we’re all the same.

        God bless for your work! If my boyfriend wasn’t super vulnerable, I’d be glad to volunteer, but bringing the virus into our home would have a terrible impact on his health, if not simply kill him.

        I’m hopeful, and taking this one day at a time… This challenge is one that will be life-changing for sure, but I think we have the choice of making sure this is a positive change!


        1. You’re rigth. This crisis will have a lasting effect once it’s over. We share the same hope that whatever changes it might bring about, it will lean on the positive on most part.
          There are ways of extending our help and support to our frontliners, one is staying at home and offering our prayers.
          We perform different tasks and functions in this war. We all know that we’re all in this together.
          It’s encouraging to hear your heart to share 😀 You’re already helping one. Once this is over, I’m sure there are still a lot of helping the both of you can do to your folks 😉


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