The Many Faces of Love


FOREWORD: Many a story I’ve heard and read about Love these past few days, prior and post the widely-celebrated V-day. This is to express my take on the matter — sort of a rejoinder that love does not ONLY possess a romantic face but an array of faces to put on depending on the occasion. 

There are moments when we would like very much to help someone we love deeply and we just can’t seem to do a thing. Either circumstances prevent us from drawing closer or else the person has shut off to any gesture of solidarity and support.

So, all we have left is love. In those moments when everything is useless, we can still love – without expecting anything in return, any exchanges or thanks.If we can manage to act in this way, love begins to transform the world around us. An adage once said, “Time does not change men. Will power does not change men. Love changes men.”

Three days had passed since V-day. Some people truly made good use of the occasion to strengthen relationships, some to reconnect, some to break free and some to heal. Love has been many faces to many people. Love transforms, love heals. But at times love builds mortal traps and ends up destroying the person who has decided to surrender completely. What strange sentiment is this that deep down is the only reason for us to go on living and struggling and trying to make things better?

It would be foolish of me to try to define it because, like any other human being, all I can do is feel it. Thousands of books have been written about it, plays put on at the theater, films produced, poems scribbled, sculptures carved in wood or marble – and even so, all that the artist can convey is the idea of a feeling, not the feeling itself.

But I have learned that this feeling is present in the small things and manifests itself in the most insignificant of attitudes we take, so we must always have love in mind when we act or fail to act.

Picking up the phone and uttering that affectionate word we have been putting off. Opening the door and showing in someone who needs our help. Accepting a job. Leaving a job. Making that decision that we were putting off for later. Apologizing for a mistake we made that will not leave us in peace. Claiming a right that we have. Playing the music loud when your loved one is far away and lower the volume when he or she is nearby. Knowing how to say “yes” and “no” – because love involves all of man’s energies. Discovering a sport that can be practiced by two. Not following any set of rules and conditionalities, not even those listed in this paragraph – because love calls for creativity.

On the one hand, contradictions are what make love grow. Conflicts are what allow love to remain by our side. Life is too short for us to keep important words, for example, ‘I love you’, locked in our hearts. But do not always expect to hear the same words back. We love because we need to love. Otherwise, love loses all meaning and the sun ceases to shine.

And yet, even when Love does not appear, we remain open to its presence. Sometimes, when loneliness seems about to crush everything, the only way to resist is to keep on loving. Our great goal in life is to love. The rest is silence.

We need to love. Even when it leads us to the land where the lakes are made of tears; for tears speak for themselves. And when we feel that we have cried all we needed to cry, they still continue to flow. And just when we believe that our life is destined to be a long walk through the Valley of Sorrows, the tears suddenly vanish. Because we managed to keep our heart open, despite the pain. Because we realized that the person who left us did not take the sun with them or leave darkness in their place. They simply left, and with every farewell comes a hidden hope.

As it was always said, “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

And here is where, I, once again, leave Love to your bidding my dear friends.

43 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Love

    1. I absolutely agree – “love is something you experience in every possible way”
      Thank you for reading. Sorry for the rather late reply. I’ve already visited your site. It looks promising 👍
      I love the way you express your ideas and I have to say we have similar views in life ☺
      All the best!

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  1. You’ve discussed love on this post touching different aspects like nobody had done before. I really admire how good you are with’re meant to write! That’s your God-given talent…and I’m glad you’re using it to inspire many. ☺

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    1. 🙂 Haha, I don’t know how to respond to this very encouraging comment, Nina 🙂
      Thank you for considering my “talent” with such high regard!
      Coming from a good blogger/writer like you, this is huge 🙂 Really..

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  2. Love and pain are just two faces of the same coin, is it not Andrei? The line that caught my attention is “Discovering a sport that can be practiced by two.” A beautiful definition and an explanation of love, what has now become more of exchanging flowers, chocolates and expecting some in return that one evening or a few days after! Love is so much more and your write up is a testimony to love! A love-ly post, Andrei!

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    1. Yes, to me also, love and pain are just two faces of the same coin, Pranitha. Take away love and all that was left is pain or misery. Funny you noticed the “sport” alternative 🙂 To many couples this is really a challenge, great tandem and coordination can be learned through sport which can also be translated to other non-physical areas pertaining to love [and life.] As you imply here in your comment, love requires creativity and must transcend the limits it has been given by society by practicing not just the usual expressions of love but by really diving into its own heart and core. “Love is so much more”, you said, and I agree!
      Thank you for the lovely comment  It warmed my heart. 🙂

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  3. I totally agree that the only way to resist is to keep on loving and it is sure better to have loved an lost than to have not loved at all.
    Sure there are the own problems of love but then what is love without a broken heart?
    I totally loved your piece and your take on love.

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    1. True. What is love without pain? The heart grows stronger the more it gets broken and alongside it grows its owner too. PROVIDED it is kept open, despite and in spite of its status or circumstance.
      Thank you for dropping by, Moushmi ☺

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  4. Ang ganda naman ng post na ito Sir lalo na ang part na ito >>> Sometimes, when loneliness seems about to crush everything, the only way to resist is to keep on loving. Our great goal in life is to love. The rest is silence.

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  5. Andrei, you’re so amazing. you have some many thoughtful words you shared in this… said, 1.“Time does not change men. Will power does not change men. Love changes men.”2.Our great goal in life is to love. The rest is silence. we must always have love in mind when we act or fail to act.

    I so agree with everything you said. Esp the Will power comment Ive noticed that love prevails all.♥

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    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read and for the generous comment ☺ As expressed in my Foreword, the post is to depict the different takes different people have about V-day. Just as Love itself, V-day seem to have many versions, or faces, if you will, to people ☺
      Thank you for stressing some of the few good lines from the post. I’m humbled as much as I’m flattered and honored.

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