Beyond the limits


God is, above all, an artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant, and the ant. He never tried to follow one particular style. He simply kept on doing whatever he felt doing. – Pablo Picasso

It is the desire to walk that creates the path ahead; however, when we set off on the journey through life, we feel very afraid, as if we had to get everything right first time. But, given that we all live different lives, who decide what ‘getting everything right’ means? If a Supreme Being made the giraffe, the elephant, and the ant, and we are trying to live in His image, why do we have to follow any other model? A model might sometimes help us to avoid repeating the stupid mistakes that others have made, but, more often than not, it becomes a prison that makes us repeat whatever everyone else has always done.

It means making sure that your tie matches your socks or your dress matches your shoes. It means being forced to have the same opinions tomorrow as you had today. Where does that leave the constant shifting of the world?

As long as it doesn’t harm anyone, change your opinions now and then and be unashamedly contradictory. You have that right; it doesn’t matter what other people think, because they’re going to think something anyway.

When we decide to act, some excesses may occur. An adage says: ‘You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”  It’s also natural that unexpected conflicts should arise, and it’s natural that wounds may be inflicted during those conflicts. Yet eventually the wounds will pass, and only the scars remain. However, this can be considered as a blessing. The scars stay with us throughout our life and are very helpful. If, at some point – simply because it would make life easier, or for whatever other reason – the desire to return to the past becomes unquenchable, we need only to look at those scars. They are the marks left by the handcuffs, and will remind us of the horrors of our prison, and we will keep walking straight ahead.

So, relax. Let the whole world move around you and discover the joy of surprising yourself. The Bible says: ‘God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.’

If you think and act as such, you shall be enlightened by the reality that certain moments repeat themselves. You will often be faced by the same problems and situations and, seeing these difficult situations return, you might ask yourself: ‘I’ve been through all these before.’  And your heart will reply: ‘Yes, you have been through all these before, but you have never been beyond it.”

Then you will realize that these repeated experiences have but one aim: to teach you what you haven’t yet learned. And that you must need to always find a different solution for each repeated battle, and you need NOT consider your failures to be mistakes but, rather, as steps along the path to knowing more about yourself and what you are truly made of.

37 thoughts on “Beyond the limits

    1. Thank you, Eliza! Happy that you find the post beautiful 😃❤️
      I noticed that you been all through my blog, almost liking everything! Haha, I’m grateful for the visit. It was such an honor. Thank you! 🙏❤️👍🙏😃

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    1. I agree. Determination and strong will to reach out beyond our limits of capabilities are one of the major keys to enjoying life to the full. A focused life is a meaningful life.
      The problem that affects many of us (people) now is that we are driven by fear, the urge to conform and follow the crowd,the desire to please others for acceptance, and such other negative attitudes which restrain us from becoming who we really wanted to become.
      We are not born/created to conform or imitate others, we are here in this world to fulfill our own legends and create our own lives in the manner that truly defines our identity. And the way to discover that identity is by truly searching from deep within your heart and mind thru self-reflection.
      Thank you for reading, Pranitha.💜 Awesome advice to your son 😊

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  1. With every post you publish, this blog just gets a better and better place to visit and take some inspiration. I have come across blogs, where inspiration is the highlight. But your blog simply stands right in the the centre of the spotlight of inspiration. (Being very true with my words) This post was no different. This post is Inspirational and very philosophical . Your ideas and insights make this blog a beautiful and inspirational place to visit. Whenever, I get some time for reading different blogs, I first come to yours. Keep up the terrific work!

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    1. Yes. The opinions of other people about us should not hold us back from doing what we truly love and desire to do. Being too defensive of our “appearance” to others is very limiting for us. As long as it isn’t harming anyone, introduce some spice into your life 😉 Let us go beyond our limits in order to fully experience life.
      Thank you too. I’m happy you liked the post 😉


    1. Wow! Thank you, Marie! I’m honored for the sweet gesture 😊 I have already made an acknowledgment for the same award few days back. Be that as it may, I’ll update that particular post to include you among those who nominated me ☺
      Thank you 😊

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