What to do when life hits you with the unexpected



Early last year I was at the airport runway waiting for a flight to take off and arrive at someplace within a certain period of time–or so I thought. I’m off for a very important conference and I can’t be late. Just after pulling away from the gate, our plane stopped for, I think an hour, the pilot announced that the initially thin streaks of smoke clouds suddenly grew denser in volume and totally enveloped the skyline around the airport and on areas adjacent to it. Visibility is very limited and major portions of runways must be clear of traffic for arriving planes. Turned out that there has been a vast forest fire going on for days in another neighboring country and smokes were carried by winds across seas and into the country. That’s one precious hour missed, not to mention the other four hours delay in the arrival of our plane before we can finally get on board! Eventually, in what seemed to be an eternity in waiting, traffic build up lessened and according to the pilot we are advised as good to go as I hear the jets begin to warm up. We move approximately 2.5 inches and then we stop again with engines off. Then the pilot comes on: “I’m afraid there’s been a change of plans. The good news is that we will get to our scheduled destination at some point. The bad news is that due to the backup from the smoke clouds incident, we are number twenty-two in line for takeoff.” Gosh! I’ll arrive at the conference in time to see the conference hall doors being closed! That is, if luck is still on my side!

Isn’t that life? We’re going 100 miles an hour one direction then BAM—there’s a change of plans. Like death and taxes, one of the few things in this life we can count on is change. It’s like the author Faith Baldwin said, “Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.”

From the time we are born, life is in a constant state of change:

-One day you are filing papers at your job, the next day you are filing for unemployment. There’s been a change in plans.

-One day you have brown hair, the next you have brown, mixed with a few strays that look suspiciously gray. There’s been a change in plans.

-One day your son or daughter is curled up in your lap begging for a story, and the next they are standing at the door begging for the car keys. There’s been a change of plans.

-One minute your partner says you are the love of my life, the next you hear “I don’t want you in my life.” There’s been a change in plans.

-One minute you are full of vim and vigor, the next you are taking five Advil just to get out of bed. There’s been a change in plans.

We spend our lives looking for solid ground. And sometimes we look in places that aren’t so solid–like money or possessions (which will fade), or worse we turn to other people for solid ground, which many of us know from experience can be one of the most unstable, unpredictable of all places.

Sometimes I think life feels like the undulating floors at the Carnival’s fun house. Everywhere you put your foot, the ground moves and shifts and changes. No spot remains constant and there is no solid ground.

It is in times like these that I think about others who have lived this shifting fun house floor experience and somehow found a way to survive—even thrive. I looked for examples anywhere, and one place where I found a fitting illustration is in the Book of Psalms.

Just pick up a Psalm–any Psalm and you’ll find any and every human trauma: war, murder, adultery, treason, theft, lust…it’s like Mad Men set in 750 BC. These were people who knew a bit about change. Yet, they survived and not just survived but flourished. And they did so, because they put their trust in what never changes.

My favorite is Psalm 46 where the Psalmist writes about stuff sounding suspiciously like a script from The Walking Dead. “We will not fear, though the earth should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble with its tumult…The nations are in an uproar, the kingdoms totter…the earth melts.”

There is something very poignant about reading a 3000-year-old message written by people that have gone through the very same things we are going through today. We’ve all been exiled, we’ve all lost our sense of home, we’ve all faced storms and tribulations and we all have felt the lack of solid ground. Yet for generations, they found hope.

There is hope for us too. We can’t hide from change. It will happen. But we can get through it by finding a place of solid ground amidst all the change. Find that “something” which will hold you up and keep you steady during change-effecting circumstances.

17 thoughts on “What to do when life hits you with the unexpected

  1. Every change, every shift and every one of life’s predicaments thrown at you is another experience that will make you stronger and you learn another way of facing your fears, as you put in, find your solid ground. But it is entirely up to the person to decide whether they would like to learn from it or run away from it.
    As always, a very thoughtful post so well expressed!

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    1. Very aptly put: “…it is entirely up to the person to decide whether they would like to learn from it (life’s challenges) or run away from it.” At times, when all gets overwhelming and seemingly all the grounds are shaky, retreat from battle is a wiser move to take 😉 To take a breather and live to fight the battle another day.
      Thank you, Pranitha! Happy to hear your views on this post 🙂

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    1. Agreed. Every pain, when correctly handled leads to growth and maturity. We must all be adaptive to life’s unpredictability – its sudden twists and turns. Thank you, Sumit! Appreciate the visit ☺

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  2. Very nice Andrei! I really like the Psalm you quoted. I think I’m gonna make that my personal comfort for encouragement and hope. It’s true what you say- the only thing constant in this world is change. We have to learn to be flexible and adaptive- and at the same time learn to get along with people who also are receptive to change, in order to survive! ☺

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    1. Thank you Nina! That’s so nice of you☺
      The Book of Psalms is where I turn to whenever in need quick encouragement from the Bible. It speaks of various kinds of challenges people face in life and it shows how the authors’ hearts and thoughts about their particular circumstances. But most encouragingly, it is a book of praise no matter the circumstances (good or bad) the psalmist is into.

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  3. Indeed! I describe life as the game of uncertainties. Anything can happen any time. And I could just feel the frustration in you, as I was reading the plane anecdote of yours. If something like this happens with me, even I get livid. Invariably, you post is again a top class one. Keep it going!

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    1. Thank you, Radhika! Yeah, change is the only constant. I’ve written about change on various posts here in my blog too.
      It is truly vital that we are firmly established on our footing when it comes to dealing with the unpredictability of the various changes that we experience in our lifetime. One way of enjoying life depends also on our maturity in adapting to such changes.
      Happy for your visit 🙂

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