Failure: The Unwarranted Help


FOREWORD: As the year draws to an end, most people tend to evaluate (or re-evaluate) their lives — their successes and failures this year 2016. Often than not, on some absurd reason, most people tend to see their failures (regrets, frustrations and pains) rather than their successes. I, for one, often falls prey to that outlook. I have to battle through it for a change of perspective. Hence, this post; to remind myself that despite the many upsets and setbacks I had this year, I still emerged victorious or so, if I’ll just look at my experiences in a deeper perspective. 

Failure becomes success when we learn from it. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at  change. Instead of looking at what’s missing, and how far you still have to go, focus on what’s present, and how far you have come.

Failures are lessons. What you can draw out of each failure is experience and knowledge that will help you succeed better. That is why you should never ever be afraid of failing, because there is absolutely nothing to fear. In the game of life, nobody plays a perfect game. If you think that some people lead perfect flawless lives, it’s your perception, but certainly not reality.

Accept that failure is a part of life, and the better you will be for it. Accept that you have failed. For some people, their past failures haunt them, and they never get over it. Accept it. Know that this is not some isolated incident, everyone has faced this. You are no different. At least you tried…at least you LIVED! Also, accept that you will fail in the future. Some things will work, and some won’t. Preparing yourself mentally for this is smart. It’s realistic and logical.

Now, accepting is NOT expecting! You should never expect to fail. The ones that expect to fail realize their wishes very easily. You can be logical and accept that the possibility of failure does exist, but you can be confident in your chances to avoid such failure. This is crucial, as you do not want to become a habitual failure. Just knowing that even if you do fail, you will get over it, and that it won’t destroy you is so empowering that simply having that frame of mind increases your chances of success even more.

Without failure, how sweet would success be? How can success be appreciated, without knowing the opposite feeling? I’m thinking of the closest example of this…over-privileged kids that had everything handed to them. How many times have we heard of such kids turning out to be complete disasters? Without having experienced the opposite feeling, they had no idea of the value of what they were given. So they destroyed it. 

Anything that you are thinking of doing, any projects or endeavors that you have in mind, just give it a try. Live your life, and trying such things is living. The biggest hurdle that keeps people from succeeding is the fear of failure. It causes a sudden halt in progress, and no movement means no potential for success. Don’t be such a person. Don’t be afraid of failing, welcome it. Be ready for it. But expect to succeed, because in the end, you will.

Why deny yourself the opportunity to accomplish everything that you ever wanted out of life? This is the key that unlocks the door to your dreams. Your success is directly proportional to the number of times you fail, which is directly proportional to the number of times you try. You can’t have one without the other. Be at peace with it, rise up, and give it your all. That is the only way to truly experience life at its fullest 😉

And a new mindset to welcome the coming year, 2017! Let’s move on!

 (c) 2016

4 thoughts on “Failure: The Unwarranted Help

  1. Food for thought with a dose of inspiration, just what we all need as we draw close to another wonderful year and rise to the dawn on a new one.
    Thank you for the reminder on accepting failure just at a time when I need it most. It is one I consider most vital in the world of today. Acceptance of failure and choosing to learn from it rather than brood over it.
    Wishing you all happiness, joys, Andrei. Hoping to read many more of your insightful and thoughtful messages!

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  2. ” If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I read this line from your post several times. It is beautifully written and so true! This post really hit home for me as I think this is my greatest weakness, the fear of failure and because of that I do not try and automatically fail. Failure destroys me, while I logically see failure the way you write about in your post, emotionally it is the worlds end for me and this is something I have been working so hard to change because everything you said in your post is spot on! Its a really well put together post and it really resonated with me. Your line, “Your success is directly proportional to the number of times you fail, which is directly proportional to the number of times you try.” (YESSSS!!!!! Bravo) I will be revisiting this particular post often as I found it inspiring and motivating. Thank you Andrei!

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    1. Thank you so much! Glad that this post somewhat inspires you. It always warms my heart whenever someone gets inspired by my writings and expresses so, I feel that I have fulfilled my purpose in writing. I guess we all wrestle with failure in a constant basis, however, looking the other way around, it is in fact a vital part to all the successes we had.
      Again, thank you for visiting and for sharing your heart and struggle as well. 🙏🙂


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