I’m so darn Lucky, You are Mine!


I love you so dearly,

I love you so much.

My life would be empty,

without your voice and your touch.

You are my precious wife,

that I truly love and adore.

All the love that I have,

into your heart I do pour.

All the simple things,

make life with you so sweet.

Like those kisses we share,

each time we greet.

You’re the most beautiful wife,

both inside and out.

Our love bloomed like a flower,

it began just a sprout.

All of my blessings,

I count every day.

You are so priceless,

I shall always display.

I am the richest

in this journey called life.

I’m so darn lucky,

because you are my wife.

P.S.: This is my second attempt at poetry here at WP. To be honest, poetry is not really my forte although I’ve written a number of lines several years back. But to me, the poem I’ve just written is as beautiful [way far gorgeous and thoughtful, even] as any of my other outstanding posts here in my blog, that’s because of one reason – it’s for my wife!

70 thoughts on “I’m so darn Lucky, You are Mine!

  1. In here a little late, Andrei, but better late than never so here is wishing both you and your very lovely wife a very Happy Valentine’s Day. She is indeed lucky to have a husband, partner, and friend who sees the world in her, what a lovely tribute to her, Andrei and without a doubt she more than deserves it! You, without a doubt, must attempt poetry for this one is so beautiful and your love and respect for her is evident 🙂

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    1. Thank you for this very sweet and thoughtful message Pranitha! I am truly touched by this one. As one blogger friend wrote me, Valentine’s Day is not just a one day affair, our expressions and desires for love must be expressed so often for as long as we are living! 🙂
      On one hand, thank you for encouraging me to pursue poetry. I think that’s what I need – a little push, haha. Thank you, I believe that even the simplest expression there is becomes beautifully magnificent and deeply meaningful once offered up in love.
      Love has many faces, all beautiful, even in heartaches and pain. For Christians, it is even equated with God, Himself – God is Love.

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    1. Hey, thank you for dropping by. Been to your blog and I must say you’ve got something promising in you. Just like your best friend, Nikesh, do you know what make both of your works great? – Your readers can feel your hearts in them. Your poems are great because they’re sincere and heartfelt.
      Keep on writing. Young as you are, you amazed me. I can’t even write a 4-liner poem when I was your age ☺

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        1. Btw, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out my blog bearing the same title, as I couldn’t copy and paste the blog’s URL here; my phone is not equipped for that.
          I would love to know about you more as you respond to the nomination ☺ Yet no strings attached if you decide otherwise 😉

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  3. You’re wife is also very lucky to have such a husband like you! Your poem speaks a lot for how much you adore and love your wife! No one can ever be so cheesy or corny in expressing genuine love. I will agree with you- this is your best post just because it is for her! 🙂

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    1. Hey Nina!
      Thank you so much for such sweet words. Most especially for agreeing that this is (by far) the best post on my blog 😉
      Hopefully I did not sound all so cheesy on this post, because I’m already corny at humor; I couldn’t afford to be cheesy as well! Lol
      Thank you for verbalizing that (hahaha, for the benefit of those others who might think otherwise!)

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      1. Haha! I don’t have a problem if someone gets all out cheesy and mushy as long as it’s because of me! LOL! I’m pretty sure your wife doesn’t mind too (and all the rest of readers who could relate!) 😉

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      1. Sorry it’s late, but Happy Belated Valentines Day. I love the holiday (no pun intended), but I also recognize that love must be celebrated year round. So as you sit back and enjoy the leftovers of a wonderful tribute, savor each and every moment together. That’s all that matters in life – the moments we share with the people we love the most.

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        1. Thank you, Brittany for the sweet message! 🙂 You’re absolutely right in saying that “…all that matters in life are the moments we share with the people we love the most.”
          No worries about the late response, I’m grateful and thankful for this sweet gesture. Left you a little “thank you” post on my blog: https://viewpointsofandrei.com/2017/02/15/2856
          Wish you, the kids and the family sound health and happiness always! 🙂


  4. Happy hearts day Janice and Andrei.

    Here’s a little something something for true love.

    I never knew my soul could be so attracted to yours. To know that you’re mine and I’m all yours.
    The moments we share are priceless indeed, nothing could ever replace the love that we have.
    My soul belongs with yours and yours with mine.❤

    Happy hearts day to the both of you.

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  5. Happy Valentine’s day to you and your wife Andrei! 🙂 The poem was well written. Each word count. I hope you’ll read it to her tomorrow. If you do, she will not stop from smiling, trust me! She smiles until she feels her cheeks are scorching hot! 🙂 Nice poem!

    “All the simple things,

    make life with you so sweet.

    Like those kisses we share,

    each time we greet.”

    You nailed it!

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    1. Hahaha, thanks Oristel! My wife is truly one of the best gift I received from God. She’s my everything! I’ll read it to her and hope it makes her fall in love with me all the more, hahaha.
      Thank you for your lovely comment. You never fail to encourage ☺

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        1. I can clearly sense that. You’re a very kind-hearted person, Oristel. I commend you for that.
          If you don’t mind, as a friend, can you spare some words of encouragement to my wife for this Valentine? 😅 even just a short one. Part of my surprise to her when she reads this ☺ If that would be okay to you, of course

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