An Open Letter


Dear Beloved One:

Your hair is singed from all the times you clipped your own wings just to make someone else happy. Your fingertips, blistered from all the times you forgot about your own needs and gave away what was meant to be yours. Even your voice has been touched by the flame, no longer strong, but shaking and raspy from all the times you wanted to say no, but said yes. You have set yourself on fire to keep others warm, but inside your soul is shivering. Your soul shivers with all the coldness of being forgotten, untouched, and unloved by you.

It’s such an easy thing to get caught up in. You give too much to others, and you are the one left standing out in the cold. You get your value from how much you give to others, rather than by how much you give to yourself. You give too much at the expense of yourself. You do this because you are afraid to look inward, to make the jump, to do what you should do to create your own life.

Oh, you have promised yourself you will do it eventually. When the family is well-settled, when you have more time, when others no longer need you. You have promised and promised, and now you are holding the final match. Dear one, your soul can’t take it any longer. It’s begging you and pleading with you. Your body has been dissolved by the fire. Must you burn your soul, too?

They taught you that your feelings and your needs were unimportant, and so you abandoned yourself. It’s no wonder you don’t feel like it’s safe to be with yourself. You are afraid to acknowledge what you want out of life, what your needs are.

You have always been the one who tried to “save” people. Whether that be in a literal sense, or simply taking their problems upon yourself so they would no longer have to suffer. Somewhat of a human “home.” You always serve as a safe landing place for the people around you. Don’t get me wrong, I know you love helping the people around you immensely, but too much at times takes a toll on a person.

It is okay to take time to fix yourself. It is okay to love yourself. It is okay to say no.

Yes, I know you are always supposed to help others, maybe even first, but how can you heal the broken if you yourself are just as broken?

I know it can be hard to let down the walls, to say no, to take a leap of faith, but I challenge you to do just that. Take that leap of faith, love yourself, and learn that no isn’t always bad. Time to yourself can be the most beneficial thing out that. Each day do something just for you. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way. Allow healing for yourself. Start listening to what your soul is craving. And do that. Get to know yourself. Listen to your complaints, your fears, and your sadness and honor that, too. Become your own friend. Take that lost self gently by the hand and take it out to play.  Because like I said, how are you supposed to help the broken, if you yourself are just as broken?

Let your self trust you again so your true self will emerge from the shadows. And then…watch as you set the whole world on fire to keep everybody else warm!

Go on. I guarantee you the fireworks will be awesome.

Lovingly yours,



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16 thoughts on “An Open Letter

  1. I can’t help but sigh at this. It’s so inspiring, yet at the same time heartbreaking.

    A lot of people are trying to get out of this mindset, but probably don’t know how. It sounds easy, just say no. Or love yourself… yet it takes a whole lot of effort for those who’ve known nothing else but being treated less than they should be.

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    1. True.

      Our culture is one factor for such mindset. But each should allow ourselves the privilege to grow and flourish without sacrificing much for the notion of a “greater good”. Someone will have much more to give when he has more than enough for himself.

      Thank you Liz

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    1. Is that so?
      It can be truly liberating when people learn to speak up their own truths and not just conform to the status quo in their human relations at the expense of their personal life, freedom and happiness.
      Each of us deserve the best. And each deserves to share the warmth (from and) with each other.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate it 🙂


        1. Happy to hear that 🙂
          I often write what comes to mind. Sometimes I’m up to trying new approaches in writing, hoping to keep the literary juices flowing, haha..
          Writing letters is fun. I’m giving it a thought! 🙂

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