Everything Worthwhile, Takes Time.


Think about these…

You scan over the news, barely taking in the facts. Yet the headline and the emotion of the topic stays with you. You may even have skipped the actual article and just read the comments which dampen your mood even further. On your way home, you order at a drive through and let’s be honest – the chips or whatever you’ve gotten are finished by the time you get home. Information is instant and reaching out to the people who are not with you is fixed with a phone call. Just because you thought of something and because you worry you’ll forget about it, you send an e-mail. At least something has been done about that thought, right? We rush through conversations without really listening. How often have you thought “just get to the damn point so that I can move on to the next task!”.


It’s a blur. The traffic, the work, the family obligations. We are stressed out and worried and we forget to breathe deeply so anxiety takes hold. Depression follows the anxiety and when you finally have a moment to sit your fine backside down on the couch, you reach for your phone to scroll through Facebook and you slide into jealousy for all the holiday pictures and happy, smiling faces and you think “what am I doing wrong?”.


This obsession to get ahead, stay ahead, be faster, be quicker, get there FIRST, has taken over all people’s lives rapidly spreading like a viral pandemic. It has got to stop. Our mindset has got to change. Technology and the processes we live within are great tools – they have made our lives easier and we appreciate that. However, we don’t need to speed up to keep up with them. They need to service OUR needs. After all, we did create them for just that purpose.


Take a load off. Pay more attention. Instead of just replying to emails without reading them properly, take the time to understand the contents and offer a valid solution. Seventeen-odd threads on one email without a real solution is just a panic attack waiting to happen. Take time to really listen to someone else instead of just getting the crux of the story and moving on with your own perception of the situation. Read the whole story.


Everything worthwhile, takes time. Your finances will become a better situation if you take the time to manage them and set goals. No single individual on this planet (besides those who come from money) became wealthy, overnight. They worked and they failed and they had plans and now we read their stories and we want the same NOW. It just does not work like that. Your relationships take time. You must get to know people and connect with them to have those happy, smiling, holidaying moments. Otherwise, those moments are empty public relations snaps devoid of any real meaning. The cookie-cutter happy life on Facebook took WORK and disappointments and resilience. You are just looking at a snapshot of a piece of their story – not all the dirty details that brought them to that place.

We have been born into a world where everything must be fast and we’ve forgotten that this fast-rule applies only to certain elements of our lives. We need to remember that the good stuff, the real stuff and the stuff that means something – takes time. Stop. Breathe. Prioritize and understand that whatever it is that you are looking to create in your life is going to take TIME. Time, effort, resilience, humor, faith. No internet speed, no cellular connection and no amount of stressing will hasten the universal rules of time.

Take your time. It’s worth it.

P.S. If you liked this post, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments below. See you 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Everything Worthwhile, Takes Time.

  1. “Everything worthwhile takes time”. That’s a a fact one needs to remember all the time. In this age of speed when information is being bombarded at us and we are looking at 3 or 4 screens at the same time, we’ve lost our attention span and it’s bad. I’m not an exception to this rule and over the last few weeks, I have started making an attempt to sit down and read for an hour at-least without trying to take a quick peek into my mobile or my laptop. It’s like fighting an addiction. Very useful post Andrei.


  2. Thank you so much. I was in need of that. I admire the way you worked your way with perhaps the most gripping issue of present time as there is no end to desires. And when jealousy strikes, your confidence goes for a spin and you feel like you’re nothing.
    Thank you for writing about with a fresher perspective and saying that things will happen at the right time.

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! I am very happy to know how this post has inspired you. There are so much to learn from each other. Me too, I’m always happy to learn life lessons from the experiences of others in this blogging community.
      All the best to you. See you around ☺💖


  3. During our childhood, the only thing that I can recollect as ‘instant’ was the 2-minute instant noodles, we had enough and more time for the rest. Whether it is a simple chore as just tasting the meal before you or reading a book. But I am myself a victim of this ‘fast’ disease where I am seen to rush through one task with the next in mind. There are times when I miss out on the small pleasures, ones that might never repeat, in this mad rush to complete the task.
    Thank you for the reminder, Andrei. It is time to stop, pause, breathe and enjoy life as much as it deserves to be enjoyed.

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    1. The best way to savor the taste of life is to munch on it as slowly and deliberately as possible. Take time – every second necessary to enjoy a particular moment. Unlike any other things in life, Time is a commodity that can’t be regained once lost.
      Just like what you’ve shared on one of your recent post, you got to spend great bonding moments between your folks and family because you considered it more valuable than those other mundane things in life that you deliberately set aside for the purpose. And it all seemed to turn up worthwhile after all, I suppose. Thank you Pranitha. Delighted to read your warm comments once again ☺💖


  4. I love this post because of its simple answer to problems we see as so complex. You mention the work, the traffic, the obligations – all which have such a strain on us because we want to zoom past them all to the next thing; but the answer to the anxiety this causes is so simple, to give everything time. The challenge, it seems, is not to get on to the next best thing, but to be fully attentive on this one thing. Ahhh, I love your posts! They allow me to think about life so in-depth!

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    1. Hi Vanessa!
      Thank you for taking your Time to read all throughout the post. Appreciate it very much! ☺
      I want you to know that your warm and lovely comment just made my day! Nothing can make a blogger’s world more brighter than an appreciation from a fellow blogger ☺ We can all learn so much from each other if we’ll just allow our eyes read with our heart.
      Thank you. Have a nice day!
      See you around.

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  5. Do you wanna know more about the word inside the world?
    Do you want to experince the truh about jesus?
    Do you want to know the purpose God has for you?

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  6. I once read an article from LinkedIn about how people think that the busiest ones are the most successful because they are productive. But busyness does not equal to the latter. We have to make sure that we find time for our selves, do the things we love, rest and bond our loved ones, because happy people become more productive.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more 🙂 Being productive in this lifetime is too big a word to be only defined by material or professional success. It encompasses a far deeper and greater purpose worthy to define Life itself.
      Worthwhile “things” takes time (commitment, love, effort, heart and soul); and not only one or any of those mentioned, but all, rolled into one intent, purpose and action.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate it very much.
      See you around 🙂

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    1. Hi Kim!
      I’m not quite sure what you mean by Rebuilding something. Be that as it may, I do agree with you. In many aspects, the thought of rebuilding something again is stressful in itself already. You have to put (all over again) all your efforts in order to get going to reach the momentum you truly needed. However, there’s that tiny bit of thrill and excitement in the expectation that the end would be different (if not better) from the previous one. Wouldn’t you agree?
      That hope might serve as an encouragement to keep moving.
      Just like most people, I’ve been continuously on the process of building and rebuilding too, understanding that there’s no such thing as “perfect” in this world. There are only those that are TRUE. One of those is the fact that I am a person destined to make mistakes Yet endowed with the spirit to bounce back up in each and every failure.
      I guess we do share the same issue. This blog is also my therapy.


    1. I chose that particular photo because it depicts people’s urge for “instant gratification” which seem to be the malady affecting the so called millennials. It goes well with the theme of the post which discusses about the obsession to be faster, quicker or to stay ahead of life or of the others.
      More so, it shows people’s seemingly grave addiction to gadgets and technology as means to speed up even more everything in their lives. The quick (yet shallow) satisfaction brought about by dependence on technology.
      As expressed in this post, everything worthwhile truly takes time (effort, heart and soul) 🙂
      How about you? Do you see something else about the picture?


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