Make Better Mistakes Next Time

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A rather humbling scenario which I experienced couple of days ago allowed me the time to reflect how much has changed in my life in the last decade. The process led me to realize that I made so many mistakes, hurt people I loved, and behaved in ways that I can’t say I’m proud of. While I think I’ve got a good grip on my moral compass and fundamental set of values, I’m still shaping my character to this day and will probably continue doing so for the rest of my life. However, as much as I messed up, I wouldn’t take any of my mistakes back, as they taught me lessons and shaped the person I’ve become today.

This may not only hold true to me but may be to some of you too. 

It is human to make mistakes. Some mistakes are witnessed by others and come with more shame, some are in private and come with more guilt. Some hurt others, and some ultimately hurt just you. In a life where trial and error is often how we learn, avoiding making mistakes is not very realistic. However, making different choices the next time around to avoid making the same mistake — is completely in your control.

Where we differ as human beings is the choices we make after we falter. I distinguish the difference in two separate camps. There are those who use regret and remorse as a catalyst to grow and change their way of going about life in order to become better people. The consequences of their mistakes serve as reminders to do things differently to avoid repeating the same situations. Often, we need these experiences to teach us the lessons in life that ultimately shape our character.

Then, there are those who feel ashamed by their shame, and after a period of self-loathing and guilt, they resort back to their exact same way of thinking and behavior. Instead of the mistake becoming a lesson, it becomes just another cyclical loop in habits.

When you make mistakes, how do you respond? If your mistake leaves a trail of hurt and destruction in the lives of others, do you make amends and apologize with actions and empathy? Or are the people that reap the consequences of your mistake just a mere casualty of your disregard?

In my opinion, what builds character is not avoiding mistakes — it’s how you choose to think and act afterwards. Use your mistakes as opportunities to grow. And hopefully you can “make better mistakes tomorrow.”

15 thoughts on “Make Better Mistakes Next Time

  1. I totally agree to this! Mistakes are also kind of experiences which might not be really good but they do teach you a better lesson.
    My Dad has always been telling me since childhood “Make one mistake , make hundred mistakes but never ever repeat the same mistake”

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    1. Yes. As much as possible never commit the same mistake twice. I also beleive that notion.
      Yet as they say, to err is human. Hence, It takes maturity to become truly mindful of our actions. That the mistakes we make should be commited in good faith (or honest mistakes)
      Thank you for reading and for sharing your views Natasha ☺


  2. Excellent. Making mistakes is how we learn. I like that you pointed out the difference between learning from our mistakes and ignoring them by being stuck in shame. In my experience, when I see a mistake as an opportunity to learn it makes me less afraid to deal with the situation. When I own my actions I take my power back.
    Keep the great conversations flowing Andrei.
    Have a most beautiful day.

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    1. Certainly. We take our power back the moment we own our actions. We owe it to ourselves to stand up for what is right for us.
      Thank you for the visit Ali. Glad to hear from you again ☺ Have a beautiful day too. See you around ☺

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  3. Very true sir! Mistakes indeed teach us to become a better person. And as far as I’m concerned, when I make mistakes I kinda get tensed and worried at times because I’m someone who likes perfection which is always not possible. But after that short period of tense, I become very serious about it, and I try not to repeat the same mistake. Anyways a very good post sir…

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    1. Thank you Nikesh. I guess we all go through the same process and feeling the same guilty feeling after committing a mistake. Just as you say, we should be mindful then that same mistake (or the gravity of such) be repeated all over again.
      Nice to hear your thoughts. Thanks for opening up. Appreciate it.

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