If You’re Missing your Mom this Mother’s Day

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FOREWORD: My family and I loss our beloved Mom in September 2, 2016 and this is the first Mother’s Day that we’ll be missing her. This post is also for those out there who are missing their  Moms during this occasion. 

The love of a mother is irreplaceable, and doesn’t die, even when she does. And today, in this part of the world is Sunday, and also is, Mother’s Day. A time to honor and celebrate your mother. While it is a great day and a wonderful opportunity to make your Mom feel special, it can be a hard day if your Mom has passed away. It’s a reminder of the loss you feel and carry with you everyday.

Many people have dealt with the grief of losing a parent or loved one, and they are very familiar with the foreshadowing of pain that usually follows Mother’s Day.

It’s difficult to convince yourself to celebrate this day the same way, since many people (myself included) have since considered themselves to be “motherless.”

In the past, this day was always one for admiration and love; it was a day that encouraged you to show your gratitude for the woman who brought you into this world.

But after you lose a parent, it almost seems as though the day’s only purpose is to remind you of your loss.

You see, the hardest part about all of this is the idea that she really will miss everything.

Family gatherings, holiday celebrations, special occasions such as Mother’s Day,  first child and all those other silly moments you never noticed were important until you couldn’t anymore share them with her.

All of these tribulations make it easy to resent a holiday like Mother’s Day; a day where others are filled with love, comfort and happiness.

It is a day many people take for granted because they no longer revel in it with the same contentment.

As time passes, however, you learn to cope with these emotions and although no amount of time could fully heal a wound so deep, it does allow you to find strength.

Strength that will heal you in more ways than you could ever imagine. It allows your pain to reinforce you, not define you.

And although this process is very different for many, strength allows some of the beauty in life to creep back into your view.

It transforms your grief into serenity, fear into assurance and hopelessness into promise.

For those lucky ones who still have their mothers at their side, I ask that as you rummage through the aisles of stores for the “perfect gifts” to give to them, you remember that you are the best one they could ever ask for.

Spend those last few extra moments on the phone with her; fold the clothes on the dryer (or any household chores) the first time she asks you to; listen to her terrible music because you know it makes her happy.

My deepest regret is that because I was so blindsided before, I didn’t know my last conversation with my Mom would be just that: Our last. No one is guaranteed another day, so remember to make it count.

To all of those who have lost a mother, parent or loved one, know this: They are not lost, and we are not motherless.

Celebrate this day even more so than before, for both her and you. Rejoice her life, her light and your fondest memories of her.

Remember she has a front row seat to your life and know she wouldn’t dare miss even the slightest instance of it.

Lastly, to my beautiful and courageous mother: Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for contributing so incredibly to the person I am today.

You have given me more strength than most could ever hope to attain in a lifetime, and I am forever grateful for that.

We all hold a very special place in our hearts for you that will never be replaced. You always promised me I had guardian angels watching over me, and I’m more sure of that now than ever before.

I love you so much, and I look forward to the day I can see your smile and hear your laugh again.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!

Enjoy this day with your loved ones. You deserve it.


28 thoughts on “If You’re Missing your Mom this Mother’s Day

  1. These are honest words about loss and love. It is so thoughtful that you reached out to others who may be experiencing grief on this day. I have no doubt that many beautiful parts of your mother live on in you. She raised a loving son.

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  2. I could feel your hurts and longing on your post Andrei, but I also feel the love you have to your mom and how much you wanted to honor her. You are definitely right, you are not motherless. You just had your mom upgraded to an Angel who is always there to lookout for you and the rest of your family! 😊
    P.S. I hope all is well with your dad,too…

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    1. You have a way of making things appear light and bright Nina. I appreciate that. Your kinds words somewhat ease the longing I feel inside for my mom.
      You, for sure is also a great mom. Thanks for asking about my dad, he’s making it through, we still have each other on our sides 🙂
      Thank you Nina. I can’t say how grateful I am for your kind words.


    1. Thank you Tajwar. Your words mean a lot to me. I’m grateful for your kindness of heart to reach out to me and sympathize.
      Same here. I’ll be praying for your happiness and success 💜

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  4. Hello, Andrei. This particular sentence, “Remember she has a front row seat to your life and know she wouldn’t dare miss even the slightest instance of it.” will remain in my inner being forever. Time might lighten the pain but her love will remain, fresh and strong as ever.

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    1. Thank you Pranitha! I never doubted even just for a second my mom’s love for me before. You’re words reinforces how divine and unconditional a mother’s love can be.
      I’m grateful and glad.
      Thank you for the visit 🙂 Missed your wise feedbacks 😉

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