Letting go of your dreams

Like most people, I often confuse myself between my wishes and my dreams — a wish is usually only a passing thought that most people never act on but a dream is something that captures your heart and spirit. It ignites your imagination and fills you with an unquenchable hope. It becomes something you can’t easily set aside.

Dreams consume your thinking and fuel your excitement and passion. It can happen in a single moment, or it can captivate your thoughts for years. Sometimes when the dream is really big, you embrace it, and somehow it feels like the dream embraces you.

Our dreams are often about experiencing a better life, about achieving greater things … they are pictures we have of the future that reveal a part of our lives that will be greater than the past.

But here’s an important point to consider – it takes courage to dream. Any time you dare to dream, there are risks involved. What if it never happens? What if it costs too much? What if people laugh at you?

Do you remember when you were a child and no dream seemed too big? Some of us thought we would walk on the moon; some dreamed of riding with Roy Rogers; others imagined stepping to the plate in a big-league game. Every one of us, when we were young, had a common trait – we were dreamers. The world hadn’t gotten to us yet to show us that we couldn’t possibly achieve what our hearts longed for. And we were yet still years from realizing that in some cases we weren’t built for achieving our dream.

Eventually we started to let our dreams die. People began to tell us that we couldn’t do the things we wanted. It was impossible. Responsible people don’t pursue their dreams. Settle down, get a job, be dependable. Take care of business, live the mundane, be content.

Is that it? Is that the way things work?

Dreams are worthy pursuits as long as they’re consistent with what matters most to us now. Our values evolve over time, and it’s OK to change our dreams to keep up with this evolution.

When you’re young, you want excitement and adventure. You want to prove yourself and make your loved ones proud. You dream big and work hard. As you age, you’ll probably desire more stability. You’ll seek quiet hours and relaxation. You’ll have a greater need for balance and have more concern for your health. You may also trade in some of your own ambition to support the success of your kids or family members.

These generalizations may not describe how your values will change. Change itself, however, is part of maturing. When you embrace it, you’ll open up to a world of new goals and possibilities.

So don’t be afraid to give up on old dreams to make room for new ones. You may not have the life you dreamed of as a child, but you might end up with one you can enjoy as an adult.

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11 thoughts on “Letting go of your dreams

  1. jakerose

    A very well-written post Andrei, wow! Letting go of some dreams to forge new ones is something not too many people seem to ever talk about, but it was a refreshing change of perspective. I agree, I think I’ll be experiencing a shift in what I want as I grow older. But not all of the kid inside of me will be gone 😀

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  2. As always, a very thoughtful and inspirational post, Andrei! Loved the “Our values evolve over time, and it’s OK to change our dreams to keep up with this evolution.” bit, it is so true! Thank you for the dreamy reminder, Andrei. Good Morning 🙂

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    1. Good morning Pranitha! I’m delighted to see you here😄
      Truly, our perceptions about our dreams, life and almost everything else evolve over time. That’s how nature’s supposed to rule. Holding on to that which should be freely and gracefully dismissed might only burden us to misery.
      Happy that somehow I’ve inspired your day! ❤️

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  4. Ana B. Sajol

    You had captured my thoughts on this article, now i am your number 2 Fan, cause i know whos number 1. I find all the writing here so relevant and alive…its so you Andrei💖

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    1. Andrei's Views

      Hi Rashi!

      Thank you for your sweet comment. I’m grateful that you took time to go through my blog and read my post.

      I’ve read your first post. It’s great! Greater than my first blog actually 😉
      I like the idea of your blog. I tend to enjoy rants because it is always inspired by the moment.
      If you keep that positive attitude you will certainly go well with life no matter the circumstance.

      And I guess you’re right on the thought that we’re like-minded 😉 I can relate with the way you approach your circumstances…and a bit similarity on the writing style as well.

      So, best of luck to us and our future posts.
      BTW: Congratulations on your first blog. It’s great! I just wonder how will your future blogs turn out once you got used to blogging? 😉


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