A humble Notice:

Dearest awesome WordPress friends:

Today, I made one radical move. You’re wrong if you’re thinking it was to change the world or stuff like that. I just changed my blog title and icon.

From this:

Vintage Writing Wallpaper HQ Resolution


To this:



Just a note: Just in case you’re confused – that’s not me in the picture. I’m much more good-looking than that one! Hahaha

The reason behind in changing blog title? Well, not really of the importance. All throughout my tremendously challenging  blogging experience I [sort of, just a bit] found my “groove” on writing. Needless to say, I started this blog from humble beginnings and until now I haven’t improved much, as you would notice, hahaha. Nonetheless, in celebration  to all those good people who did have the “kindness” of heart to believe in what I write, as well as to those who mistakenly clicked the “follow” button just because of the deceptively “good-natured” appeal of my previous blog (Simply Writing), I have decided to upgrade my blog so as to have sort of coherence to my upcoming posts.

As the title suggests, mostly of my future blogs will now be  dealing about thoughts (predominantly quotes) and my personal take on them. I love writing quotes as much as reading them. I’m always haunted by million dollar thoughts usually at 4 am [I know most of you too], if only I could convert them into cash! Haha. I have a list of all of them as I  always readily keep a notepad beside our bed to write down to when they bothered me. Of course, prayerfully, for future write ups.

To remain true to the purpose and “spirit” of my previous blog, I will still write about my personal views on subject matters which I deem important and worth wasting your [my readers] precious time. 😉

Thank you guys for persistently joining Simply Writing on its journey these past couple of months or so. May you still embark with me as Thought Avenue takes over the wheel for the coming days. May the Almighty bless us all!

I love you all! You’re all awesome!

Eternally grateful,




17 thoughts on “A humble Notice:

  1. Hi Andrei! Good to see you growing with your blog. Or is it the blog growing with you? 😉

    Thought Avenue sounds great, and it’s still in line with your blog anyway. View Points of Andrei. I’m sure you’ll have more thought-provoking posts to come, and I look forward to it.

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    1. Thanks for continued support Liz, as always.
      It’s me growing with my blog actually haha.
      I’ll try my best to be an encouragement to other people as I try to better my being by expressing my convictions thru writing. ❤️

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      1. Of course! If life was a classroom, and blogging is one of the lessons… I consider you one of my classmates. It feels like we started here together, from the first posts and stuff. Haha!

        Your posts are motivational and gives me something to think about. You write well, Andrei.

        I’ll be here along the way… 🙂


    1. Hi Tiffany!
      Thanks for dropping by and for the thought.
      Truly, Simply Writing is a milestone for me. It has tremendously helped me in so many ways I never thought of. It has become the avenue to express myself, my convictions and my opinions which were also willingly and gently accepted by you and other awesome bloggers out there. Simply Writing has been a source of joy to me.
      However, as I emphasized on many of my posts, nothing is constant but change. We strive to be better all the time. Thought Avenue is again another means for me to embark on a continued journey yet with a much clearer direction now. Simply put, to put coherence on my upcoming posts. Of course, so that I could write about what’s truly inside my heart and mind to offer up to my readers. For me, a welcoming change for the coming year.
      Thank you for your support for Simply Writing. I am eternally grateful for every single one of you who followed my blog.
      Keep on following. Thank you Tiffany!

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