Falling behind? I think not!


Timing is the one thing that we often forget to surrender to.

Things are dark until they’re not. Most of our unhappiness stems from the belief that our lives should be different than they are. We believe we have control — and our self-loathing and self-hatred comes from this idea that we should be able to change our circumstances, that we should be richer or hotter or better or happier. While self-responsibility is empowering, it can often lead to this resentment and bitterness that none of us need to be holding within us. Hear me out on this: We have to put in our best efforts and then give ourselves permission to let whatever happens to happen—and to not feel so directly and vulnerably tied to outcomes. Opportunities often don’t show up in the way we think they will.

You don’t need more motivation or inspiration to create the life you want. You need less shame around the idea that you’re not doing your best. You need to stop listening to people who are in vastly different life circumstances and life stages than you and who tell you that you’re just not doing or being enough. You need to let timing do what it needs to do. You need to see lessons where you see barriers. You need to understand that what’s right now becomes inspiration later. You need to see that wherever you are now is what becomes your identity later.

“There’s a magic beyond us that works in ways we can’t understand.”

Sometimes we’re not yet the people we need to be in order to contain the desires we have. Sometimes we have to let ourselves evolve into the place where we can allow what we want to transpire.

Let’s just say that whatever you want, you want it enough. So much so that you’re making yourself miserable in order to achieve it. What about chilling out? Maybe your motivation isn’t the problem, but that you keep pushing a boulder up a mountain that only grows in size the more you push.

There’s a magic beyond us that works in ways we can’t understand. We can’t game it. We can’t perfect it. We can’t control it. We have to just let it be, to take a step back for a moment, stop beating ourselves up into oblivion, and to let the cogs turn as they will. And trust that one day, this moment will make sense. 

Give yourself permission to trust that. 

You need to give yourself permission to be a human being.


N.B.: This is sort of a follow through of the post Thoughts and Quotes (#Misconception). This, however, emphasizes the significance of what appropriate timing can effect on peoples’ lives, dispositions and perceptions. And this also holds and much stronger view about facing the realities of one’s personality, circumstances, and existence. 

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19 thoughts on “Falling behind? I think not!

    1. Thank you for reading 😃 Grateful as well for the compliment.
      I’m so glad that my post inspired you in some way.
      Visited your blog and your posts are great too. Keep it up!
      I’m following 😊


  1. Sometimes we can’t control what befalls is, even though the timing maybe right.
    We often expect things to be perfect and work out great just because we put hard work into it. What we must remember and acknowledge is, it’s okay if things aren’t perfect, it’s how we handle them is what shows us ourself.

    You write really well.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes. Sometimes we get a little bit too hard on ourselves too. As much as we wanted all things in our lives to go perfectly well, we’re humans and we have flaws and limitations. Accepting that reality as a guiding principle can make a big difference in our lives.

      Thank you for dropping by and for the compliments Sobia! Really appreciate it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jdub! 😄
      It’s an honor to be reblogged on your site!
      I’m happier that you liked my post and that it helped you in some way. Hearing that from you definitely made my day! 🙏
      Happy that somehow I’ve achieved my goal to encourage and persuade others.
      Cheers to us all who brave life on a daily basis. Cheers to life itself!

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  2. “We have to put in our best efforts and then give ourselves permission to let whatever happens to happen—” I really like this line. Oftentimes when we think we did our best, we expect the best outcome too! And if the opposite happens, we feel devastated and blame ourselves for not being good enough… You’re right, what we do now does have an impact to what we become. So whether we get successful or fail, we just give our best shot because it will definitely count in the future! Great post Andrei!

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