Whispers of a Lazy Morning

As you awaken on a gentle morning

with nothing demanding that you rise early,

just lie there, for the moment,

warm from the bed clothes,

and stretch, feeling your muscles

as they respond to your will, then relax,

and with your head back into your pillow,

revel in the awareness of yourself,

and allow yourself to quietly think

and daydream a bit, if you will…

Then take your fingers

and place them upon your lips,

and imagine, as you might,

that they are mine…

It’s all right to imagine that,

as you know that they will never actually be my fingers,

but you may play that it is for the moment,

and enjoy the thoughts that accompany it.

Were it my hand,

what would happen once my finger touched your lips?

Would it slip and slide into its warm moistness inside,

following it ’round, pushing it a bit, up and down and from side to side,

feeling your lips awaken full and supple?

Would my finger brush the surfaces of your teeth,

gently brushing against those crystalline marbles,

enjoying the flatness, the contours,

the moist and glassy feel of that prize?

Would my finger push gently further inside,

 feeling the warmth of your opening mouth,

into the final embrace of your awaiting tongue?

Oh, be sure that your thoughts are not wrong –

how could they be, as you are only pretending,

only thinking about what will never happen,

but what would be so nice, could it happen.

You are safe in your thoughts,

and you may push your shoulders back into your pillow a bit,

as you allow your finger to slip from your mouth,

to… and….

It is early morning, and you are not in a hurry

6 thoughts on “Whispers of a Lazy Morning

    1. Oh…you found my “experimental” poetry! Hahaha. I would say that I’m still finding my own rhythm, rhyme and groove into it.
      I know..it’s my first…and it’s shocking…ly goooood, isn’t it? Haha

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh! What can I say? Just buzz my blog or give me a call when you get all famous, okay? Hahaha.
          Kidding aside, I don’t know if there’d be something special my blog could offer to help you better your writing style. Nevertheless, I’m flattered and honored to be of help, Oristel.
          Same as you, I also sought (and still continue to seek) inspiration from other bloggers. WP is actually so full of terrific writers, those who are truly writers at heart. I remember the initial periods of my short blogging experience, I got overwhelmed by the amazing talents we got here. And, just like any terrified blogger would practically do, I read a lot of blogs, actually until now I read more than I write, and I try to understand what made such and such blogs “tick”. One good advice I’ve learned that I wanted to share to you – go with quality not with quantity. Create posts that will meet your purpose in writing them. Give your heart to a post, bearing in mind the question: “Is this post worthwhile for my readers to spend their precious time reading?” Well, of course, many are gifted that they can actually post 2 or 3 excellent posts in a day, others, just like me, 2 in a week, sometimes 1, but the thing is, every post must bear the purest sense of the purpose we intend to achieve from it. Many can write, but there are just write ups that have the quality to inspire, motivate and simply blow you away. And I admit, I’m still way way far from that – yet I strive to be at least close enough to somehow satisfy my readers 🙂
          Hope that helps a bit 😉 Best of luck on your journey!

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          1. LOL! I will definitely do that Andrei. You are right about “create posts that will meet your purpose in writing them” Often times I asked myself, “Does this make sense? will my readers like or understand it?” and I think that writing a content that will make your readers sit through is a skill that any writers could develop by reading other bloggers and learning from someone who have done it and achieved it, lol, and this is why I am learning from the master, Andrei. I love writers. We all decide to write, not just because we want to, but because we have to, and the only way that we can say what we really want to say is through writing. I know this is true for me, but I am not sure for everyone else. Thank you so very much for your advice Andrei. I will keep on reading and learning.
            Once again, I am so glad to meet you. Keep on moving!


  1. Ana B. Sajol

    Indeed this is a thought of someone who wishes rest yet cant afford to.
    It would be great if we all can lay in such a moment of minute vacations without expectations.
    We actually need to
    Its a must
    Love this piece bro!👏👏👏

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