Is “Goodbye” simply a word?


How do I say ‘Goodbye’? You probably asked this phrase a lot of times before, have you? Towards yourself or towards other people.

People for ages have tried to understand the ‘good’ in saying ‘Goodbye’. Is there really any good in it? Trying to understand how to say ‘Goodbye’ to either end a friendship between friends, a relationship between persons that dated or where married, or saying ‘Goodbye’ at the end of a life.

There’s a saying and it goes like this: “Don’t say goodbye, say see you later.”- Unknown. This saying is overused a lot of the time and it sends a mixed message to the word ‘Goodbye.’

In one’s mind thinking through and planning out a way to say ‘Goodbye’ is so, so much easier than pulling through with the plan. The mind consumes what we want the person’s reaction to be and plays that role in our thoughts. When the time comes to either be face to face with the person, pressing send, or picking up the phone, our commonsense starts to take over and makes us realize that what we want to happen and what might actually happen are completely different. Some might start to panic and their palms become sweaty and they decide not to fallow through or they might follow through.

Ending ones relationship, whether it is dating or marriage, the mind becomes scared to hurt and damage another human being’s feelings. Yes, all of the people out there that say they are scared of nothing aren’t being true to themselves. Ask a person what they are scared of; if they say nothing ask “What about a goodbye?” It’s not trying to undermine a person, it’s the fact of making them open their eyes and realize that they are in fact scared of a ‘Goodbye.’

Saying ‘Goodbye’ at the end of a life is where the saying “Don’t say goodbye, say see you later,” comes into effect. Don’t get me wrong that saying ‘Goodbye’ to a really close friend or at the end of a relationship is just as hard, believe me when I say I know the difference (you can check out my post A message for the woman I’ll spend the rest of my life missing.), but the human mind tries to wrap it’s thoughts around that and grasp it a little harder. At the end of a life ‘Goodbye’, a person thinks and reacts before the mind can truly process what has happened. A person thinks and reacts that way because that’s what comes natural, sure later on the mind gets a chance to process the happenings, but not before a person pants the thinking and reaction.

Now that if you will take all that in for consideration ‘Goodbye’ isn’t just a word now, is it?

No. It’s so much more than just a word. That’s why people can’t understand the word and concept of ‘Goodbye’. Why the saying: “Don’t say goodbye, say see you later,” is a mixed message is because it undermines the truest sense of ‘Goodbye’ and tries to corrupt the good side of it.

Saying ‘Goodbye’ doesn’t have to mean for forever. It can mean for a day, a week, a month, a year, a lifetime, or until you meet again at heaven’s gates. In a personal opinion saying ‘Goodbye’ takes so much more courage and strength than to say ‘See you later.’ If a person can overcome the fear and misunderstanding of ‘Goodbye’ a person can go on in the world or in heaven and feel like they have the ability to overcome any and every obstacle thrown their way.

‘Goodbye’ isn’t just a word; it’s so much more…

12 thoughts on “Is “Goodbye” simply a word?

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    1. Thank you for dropping by.
      Perspective about goodbye truly varies from every people – to some freeing and liberating while to others hurtful and devastating . It matters how one looks at it, depending on our circumstances and heart conditions.

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  2. This is interesting. Never really though deeply about it. I had an uncle tell me the saying about “don’t say goodbye, say see you later”, but it always struck me as odd. There’s an old song by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles called, what’s so good about goodbye? I won’t post he whole song, it’s very easily found on google. Here’s part of it.

    What’s so good about goodbye?
    All it does is make-a you cry
    Well, if leaving causes grieving
    And depart can break you heart
    Tell me what’s so good about it
    I could have done without it
    What’s so good about goodbye?
    Since you said goodbye to me
    All I’ve known is misery
    Well, if everything goes wrong
    And lovers say so long
    Tell me what’s so good about it
    I could have done without it
    What’s so good about goodbye?
    How can goodbye be good to a lover who really cares?
    And another thing I would like to clarify
    Is how can farewell be fair?

    -Smokey Robinson


    1. I’ve asked those questions myself too often before. To many, goodbyes bring about nothing but hurt or misery. I have this very painful experience of losing my mother just recently and I did struggled [big time]to get a grasp on everything in my life, especially on saying goodbye to her, because I didn’t had the chance, her death came so quick and sudden, cardiac arrest. So,in order to cope with my loss, I tried to look at her “goodbye” in another perspective-that my goodbye for her is not forever. That one day I’ll get this chance of seeing her again.
      Sometimes we hold on too much not to let go of our goodbyes because of fear of hurt. But sometimes our goodbyes are the cure to those hurts, maybe not our hurts but those whom we need to offer it up.
      Thanks for reading and for sharing the song. Looks interesting to listen to. I’ll search it up on YouTube 😄

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  3. Very nice writing I have thought about it not too long ago and decided to say Take it easy or Have a good one so it’s funny I run across your blog at 4 a.m. is my site look for the Daily Orbit


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